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Jo-Mé Dance Theatre (1st Company)

Beyond Performance (Premiered June 2013)

Slightest Breeze (Choreographed by Diaman Wood
Anatomy (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
In your Shoe (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Father (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez with collaborating artist Ronnie Thomas)

RECAPTURE Performances (Premiered July 2014) 

Disconnect (Premiered May 2014 - NYC) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Giving up (Premiered Dec 2013) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez) 
Attachment (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Nervosa (Choreographed By Diaman Wood)
Strong - Dedicated to Bonnie Johnson (Choreographed By May-lisa Chandler) Live Voice By Jermaine T.

"Here & Now" Performance (Premiered June 2015)

Behind The Wall  Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez
Phantasmagoria Motivation (working Progress) - Choreographed By  Diaman Wood
Still Not So Strange - Choreographed By Diaman Wood

Evolution (5th Anniversary) April 2016

Vessel (Premiered May 2012) Choreographed by Joe Gonzalez
Phantasmagoria Motivation (first premiered June 2015 - Full Premiered April 2016) Choreographed by Diaman Wood
Surreptitious (Premiered Feb 2013) Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez
Nervosa (Premiered July 2014) Choreographed By Diaman Wood
Home on the Other Side (Premiered June 2011) Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez
No Greater Love (Premiered March 2012, NC) Choreographed by Joe Gonzalez
Who Am I? - Choreographed by Joe Gonzalez

INTRINSIC Performance (Premiered Sept 2017) Philadelphia
Untitled Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez
Choreographed By Diaman Wood
Back To Me Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez
Women Choreographed By Diaman Wood
M.O.M. (Maker Of Me) (Premiered May 2017) Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez