2nd Company Repertory

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Jo-Mé Dance Company (2nd Company)

Through Our Eyes Performance (Premiered November 2011)
In The Spirit – Premiered May 2011 (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Lost - Premiered May 2011 (Choreographed by Aura Jakiz)
SunRise (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Bound 2 You (Choreographed by Aura Jakiz)
Sun Screen (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
...And Again (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
The Build (In Memories of John Anthony Chandler) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Our Truth (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Release (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)

Epiphany Performance (Premiered January 2013) 
Vessel - Premiered May 2012 (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Metamorphosis (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez & May-Lisa Chandler)
Surreptitious (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Protect Love (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez & MayLisa Chandler)
City Called Heaven (Collaborating with Boston City Singers) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Hymns of the Eternal Flame (Collaborating with Boston City Singers) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)

Undivided Performance (Premiered February 2014)
Habitat (Choreographed by Joe Gonzalez)
夢 YUME (Dream) (Choreographed By Naoko Brown)
Snake Chamber (Choreographed By Anna Reyes)

Llumination (Premiered June 2019)
Speak! (Choreography by Joe Gonzalez)
Untitle | Black Lives Matter (Choreography by Diaman Wood)
Shadows (Choreography By Diaman Wood)

Other Performances 
Four Women (Premiered Feb 2012) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez & May-Lisa Chandler)
No Greater Love (Premiered March 2012- North Carolina) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez)
Cotton Club Jam (Premiered March 2012 - North Carolina) (Choreographed By Joe Gonzalez with collaboration of the dancers)
(Excerpt) F.E.A.R. (Premiering soon)(Choreography by Joe Gonzalez)